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Brand infusion.

Renovating existing theme parks to attract repeat visitation

Increasing repeatability in existing parks requires re-investment and re-invention. Successful theme parks do that repeatedly! Using well-known and popular brands with a heart will give parks an attendance boost allowing guests to enter into the world of their favorite characters.

Kevin and Team created an Asian themed zone to plunge guests at this existing theme park into new environments, cultures and experiences, taking the existing and making it new with discreet design interventions.

A proper themed zone requires attractions to satisfy the entire family, food, shops, and photo ops for selfies
Applying brands and special effects to existing rides and attractions increases their lifespan, making them relevant to a new generation of guests.
Proper flow between attractions and revenue is important for profitability
Marking the entrance to a themed zone with a distinctive and selfie-worth portal is essential to guest understanding of themes as they move through a park.

Kung Fu Panda Themed Zone

Design for the integration of a character branded zone into the existing theme park, adding play elements, live shows, and themed rides.

Theme Park Renovation
Attraction / Ride
Master Planning
Programming and Capacity
Concept Design
Services performed under IRMS
6 hectare
Key Team**
Su-Fei Sakmoto, Deni Chung
Designs copyright Beto Carrero World and DreamWorks Animation

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