Strategic concept design

What kind of entertainment experience is right for my market, audience, and how will I stand out from the competition? That's exactly what we answer through our Strategic Positioning and Concept Design services.

master planning

Our team maximizes the long-term revenue generating potential of sites through a process called Emotional Master Planning, that seeks to connect your business to your customers' hearts. And we draw up great plans!


We enjoy solving problems, finding answers, and being of service to our industry. Sharing our experience and knowledge is a great privilege, as is listening. Reach out and let us know what's on your mind.


Flying, riding, boating, rocketing, submarining, spelunking, and luging. Why not? Attractions and rides take you on imaginative adventures you can't have everyday, and return you safely to exit through retail.


Future recreation time will be in mixed-use complexes that offer a broad array of entertainment possibilities, combined with hotel, destination dining, and immersive retail. We program, plan and design these destinations.

theme park renovation

We offer on-site analysis to help improve existing assets, adjust underperforming attractions, improve guest flow and profitability. Let's re-make the past into a profitable and imaginative future!

Authentic experiences.

We create authentic experiences by immersing ourselves in the DNA of the brand or topic. Our designs bring forth the "touchpoints" that connect emotionally to guests.

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Infinite Possibilities.

From modern to ancient, futuristic to primeval, there is no limitation on where we can take guests! Let your imagination take flight as technology allows us to re-create the past, or imagine futures yet to be. Here's your pre-flight checklist:

Spirit of Adventure
Creativity and Imagination
Experienced Theme Park Experts

worldwide Experience.

To build a kingdom for the imagination, you'll want experienced experts to guide you through the maze of decision-making. Our experience with world-class theme park brands will ensure your capital is invested wisely.


every project unique.

Every entertainment design project is bespoke, custom created for client, site, location, audience, climate, and hundreds of other variables.

That's why we create bespoke teams, hand-picked for the challenge at hand. This ensures that every project is properly staffed with the particular skills, talent, and experience for success.



Achieving rapid milestones, integrating multiple disciplines, and delivering well-crafted, problem free designs requires teamwork. To fully support our clients, we partner with incredible diverse teams, around the world, to supplement our core design competencies. After all, it takes a village!

Creative team support

Berlin-based Creative Studio Berlin provides a wealth of internationally talented resources that supplement our "bespoke" studio approach to creating unique experiences. Working with Chris' team allows us to take on larger projects and guarantee on-time, high quality deliverables.

creative services

An excellent orchestra leader that can bring together all of the players to create unique live shows, conceive media-based attractions, and deliver ready-to-run entertainment. ShoConcepts, and Executive Producer Steve Ryan, bring KBXD's designs to fruition.


We partner with Blueprint CAD+ when assembling large, complicated design packages requiring 3D Modeling, BIM, and integrated services. Experienced in Facades, Dark Rides, and technology, BPC+ helps keep creativity organized.

brands & clients

Futuristic Indoor Theme Park Zone

A part of the Modular Theme Park Series, these plug-in zones are pre-planned and adaptable to existing parks, instantly adding capacity, entertainment, and emotional connections.

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