we are parkitects

We seek to bring to life the adventures and fantasies of the child's heart that still beats in each of us. We design with our professional skills, talents, creativity, and inner-geekiness to create heart touching experiences. We build for safety, reliability, enjoyment, and economic vitality. We imbue everything with what we have learned before, adding value at every step. Our clients receive profit making designs. Our guests receive inspirational fun!

— Founder and Chief Parkitect

"Working with you really showed us the difference working with experienced professionals makes. Thanks for thinking ahead."

Thibault Paquin  —  Celebrate Life

"Working with Kevin and Team has always resulted in beautiful improvements and improved our revenue."

Victor Hugo Loth  —  Beto Carrero World

"Our ships have completed their scan of the area and found nothing. If the Millennium Falcon went into light-speed, it'll be on the other side of the galaxy by now."

Gary Moran  —  Shopify

It's All About the Team.

Our "Parkitects" are talented designers, planners, illustrators, and producers from around the world. They love using their creativity to bring your dreams to life.

Chief Parkitect
Kevin Barbee
Concept Artists
This Could Be You!

join the team

We are looking for talented Concept Designer(s) with experience sketching and illustrating physical environments. A portfolio demonstrating talent, skill and creativity in in concept design is required. A sketchbook is also desirable.

If you match what we need, please send links to your portfolio using our contact form. Remote work arrangements possible. We look forward to hearing from you!!

This could be you!
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Our values come out in our work and service ethics, desire to help people solve problems, and offer solutions that move their business forward by delighting and entertaining their customers.

Client Service Commitment

Service is at the heart of our creative culture. We value the opportunity to serve our clients with our professional skills, knowledge, talent and hard-won experience. We take pride in supporting our clients in their continued success. 

long term outlook

Rather than create a flashy piece of art for our portfolio, we try to identify and solve problems that will create value for our clients over the long term. That's what we call "Creative Integrity."

creative problem solving

Sure, we are experts in creating fun. The real fun for us comes in solving our client's real-world problems, working with their budgets, and creating original designs that entertain and inspire.

TELL US about your project

We create amazing entertainment experiences for clients who appreciate nuance, quality, and smiles. Do you have a passion for entertaining others? Tell us more! We're listening . . .

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