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Concept Artists

Why not apply to be a concept artist for KBXD? If you are a creative, imaginative, and talented illustrator, sketch artist, or concept designer, please contact us. Work from anywhere, worldwide.

What a Concept Designer does

A "Concept Designer" takes a written description of a guest experience and generates sketches, illustrations, and renderings of what the experience would look like in real life. They establish the look and feel for a project by creating the initial ideas that match the writer's creative intent.

It's very important that Concept Designers have the ability to draw and visualize physical environments, to bring ideas to life through their sketches and illustrations.

What we look for

First and foremost we seek people who have a professional style to their sketches, illustrations, and renderings, with a portfolio of work that demonstrates talent, an understanding of architectural styles, light/shadow/color, and who have something unexpected in their creations. Naturally, skill and creativity are very important, but the ability to express one's ideas visually is key. Therefore, we would like to review your portfolio of work and hopefully your sketchbook as well, as this demonstrates thought process with unfinished, raw work.

Persons with a background in architecture, interior design, industrial design, theatrical design, fine art, animation, and illustration have been successful in the role of Concept Designer. However, talent comes in many shapes and sizes, so if you feel that you can meet the above requirements, but don't necessarily have a typical background, we encourage you to apply.

Working Situation

We have a variety of needs depending on the type and size of projects in our studio. The typical method we use would typically involve a trial period or a series of freelance engagements before an offer of employment would be made.

Work can be done from anywhere, so it's not necessary to work in our offices. However it may be necessary from time to time to participate in brainstorming sessions or workshops with clients, so the ability to travel (if not located in the New York City area) is necessary.

Introduce Yourself

Because of the nature of design, we rely heavily on portfolio reviews as a part of our candidate selection process. Therefore, all applicants must have online portfolios for review.

Feel free to send us links to your portfolio, your work history, and other pertinent information by using the contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!!


Animation, Illustration, Fine Arts, Theatrical Design, Architecture, all helpful

professional Experience

Experience is best demonstrated by a portfolio. Please send us links!


Looking for great portfolios, new graduates or masters, talent and sparkly personalities.