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Entertainment planning.

Multi-use planning for entertainment, retail, and residential

Creating resort destinations requires a knowledge of what has worked in the past, integration of that knowledge into a plan, and a vision of how to make the most of often disparate elements.

Detailed master plans to establish concepts and land use distribution.

Mega destinations require detailed planning to integrate entertainment, hotel, golf,  indoor and outdoor retail, water parks, theme parks, outlet malls, and vacation residential, parking, and transit into an optimized whole, where the individual parts support each other.

Revenue can be maximized and capital expenditure and operations expenses minimized through efficient planning. Without detailed planning, wasted capital and outsized operating expenses will hamper a resorts prosperity. It's all in the plan!

Retail core drives profitability in path to hotels and theme parks.
Famous sword and sorcery brands form the initial theme park concept.

Asia Entertainment Resort

Master Plan and Concept for multi-brand, theme park destination around retail core, with outlying residential.

Resort Destinations
Theme Park
Retail Destinations
Water Park
Programming and Capacity
Master Planning
Concept Design
Services performed under KB Creative Advisors
2012, Project
Key Team**
Xinru Zou, Septonius Yap
Designs copyright Kevin Barbee

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