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Culture and brands in harmony.

Increasing resort offerings to extend stay, differentiate, and increase revenue

The tropical resort island of Bali, Indonesia, is in dire need of family-friendly activities to extend the daytime into the night. Kevin and Team created a detailed master plan for this Nusa Dua waterpark and family entertainment center based on Cartoon Network characters, integrating into an existing golf resort. The waterpark is designed for families in the day, and a beach party club at night. In the center of it all is the Cartoon Network day/night attraction. Featuring efficient planning, the restaurants cater to all functions day and night. The final result was truly Bali and truly Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network Waterpark

Waterpark and family entertainment center based on Balinese architecture and Cartoon Network characters, featuring the ability to extend the daytime water fun into the night for club goers. And for families, the FEC features nighttime entertainment.

Water Park
Bali, Indonesia
The Maj Group
Master Planning
Concept Design
Services performed under IRMS
4 hectare
Key Team**
Ken Yashiro, Edgardo Moncayo, Darius Cheong, Chito Ignacio
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