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Ancient elements revived.

Traditional myths interpreted with modern techniques

Master planning and concept design for a destination entertainment development featuring a theme park, water park, retail and dining district, and hotels.

Working with traditional Chinese elements, each of the park's 4 main zones followed the myths of earth, water, wind, and fire, creating unique experiences designed to appeal to China's traditional culture, yet presented in modern, exciting ways.

The region's weather required some form of protection from rain. Kevin and Team proposed ETFE open air domes to provide shelter, but still create a fresh, outdoor feeling. The icons of each zone protrude from the top of the zones, creating interesting iconic landmarks. The retail, dining and entertainment district has a distinctive observation tower which will become the symbol of the entire project and the new city itself.

Taizhou Entertainment District

Working with the City of Taizhou in their new town development on reclaimed land, Kevin and Team proposed a multi-gate entertainment district to anchor the waterfront development

Theme Park
Resort Destinations
Retail Destinations
Taizhou, China
City of Taizhou, MCC Group
Programming and Capacity
Master Planning
Concept Design
Services performed under IRMS
80 Hectare
Project, 2016
Key Team**
Chito Ignacio, Ken Yashiro, Darius Cheong
Designs copyright by IRMS

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