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Coaster race begins.

New coaster and renovation and re-purpose of existing facilities to improve visitor experience
Strategic placement of coaster features creates kinetic excitement

"Batman: The Ride," a B&M suspended roller coaster, kick-started Six Flags Magic Mountain's drive to be the #1 roller coaster theme park in the world. This compact-yet-intense coaster was conceived as a flying bat to tie-in with the Time-Warner Batman brand, and continues to be a guest favorite, set in and among the "Gotham City Backlot" themed zone.

In support of the addition of "Batman: The Ride," an entire area of Six Flags Magic Mountain was reimagined as "Gotham City Backlot." Existing rides were re-themed to tie-in with the Gotham City theme, restaurants were re-purposed, retail facilities added to support strong merchandise demand. Undeterred by the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the zone opened on schedule.

Batman: The Ride & Gotham City Backlot

Intense Batman-themed roller coaster that started Magic Mountain's climb to the #1 roller coaster theme park in the world, and design of themed zone to support the introduction of the Batman DC Comics brand.

Attraction / Ride
Theme Park Renovation
Santa Clarita, California
Six Flags Theme Parks
Master Planning
Concept Design
Schematic Design
Sign Design & Environmental Graphics
Art Direction On Site
Owner's Representation
Work performed by team member(s) during employment with Six Flags
$14 million
5 acres, 3 attractions, 1 restaurant, 1 retail facility
Key Team**
Design: Craig Doyle, Mark Krukiel, Tony Oliver, George Ladyman, Scott Mallwitz, ITEC; Construction: Bud Houston, Jim Blackie, Jim Seay
Designs copyright Six Flags Theme Parks

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