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Toddler focused design.

Designing for toddlers, children, and their parents

Developed for children under eight, Kevin and team worked with international play experts, consumer focus groups, and hand-in-hand with the USJCo marketing, Sesame Street, Peanuts, and Hello Kitty organizations to craft a fully-branded, hands-on adventure especially for this under-served demographic. Bright colors, large scale elements, and tradition-breaking individual play activities helped Universal Wonderland to increase USJ's attendance by an amazing 25%!

As Kevin and Team were on the original Universal Studios Japan design team, they were honored to support the park's continuing evolution and on-going growth.

Hands-on play areas at USJ are a first for major theme parks

Universal Wonderland

Universal Wonderland design features activities and adventures based on characters from Sesame Street, Snoopy and Hello Kitty, specially designed for children under eight years old.

Theme Park Renovation
Osaka, Japan
Universal Studios Japan
Programming and Capacity
Master Planning
Concept Design
Schematic Design
Sign Design & Environmental Graphics
Services performed under KB Creative Advisors
Over US $75 mil
20,750m2, 2.2ha, or 5 acres
Key Team**
Su-Fei Sakamoto, Steve Ryan, Yael Pardess, Kirk Axtell, Sr., WrenHouse, Thomas Koh, Sunny Burke, Dave Davies
Designs protected by Copyright of the respective copyright holder

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