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Building on Brand Origins.

Invigorating existing assets for improved revenue and utilization

Improving existing properties is challenging, fun, and profitable for owners! Beto Carrero World's existing "Cowboy Land" was the first themed zone built for the park when it opened in 1991. As the park's popularity grew, this zone became the very heart of the park, which is fitting as it is also the heart of Beto Carrero's love of Cowboy Culture. Kevin and Team worked to refine the architectural style of the zone, to improved gateways and sightlines, add new attractions, and create an area for young cowpokes based on Betinho, their young cowboy character. Carefully integrating the new, while preserving beloved traditional assets, Cowboy Land will continue to be popular with guests, both old and new! Phase One is complete as of 2022/Feb; stay tuned for the completion of Phase Two!

Cowboy Land

Reimagination and renovation of the heart of Beto Carrero World to integrate new rides, restaurants, and a zone for young cow pokes!

Theme Park Renovation
Peñha, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Beto Carrero World
Master Planning
Programming and Capacity
Concept Design
Schematic Design
Services performed under IRMS and KBXD
10 acres
Key Team**
Deni Chung, Manny Simbahan, Su-Fei Sakamoto
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