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Destination themed retail.

Re-creating world famous destinations

Directed design through design development for this million SF themed retail environment in the US$2 billion Venetian Macau.

Kevin led a team of 10 architects developing and documenting a "kit of parts" for the Venetian-style themed facades, colors/materials program, and on-going development studies.

Famous facades of the real Venice were the basis for many of the featured facades throughout.
The Grand Canal Shoppes in Macau are four times larger than the original in Las Vegas.
Detailed color call outs ensure fabrication true to design intent

The Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes

Directed design of this indoor retail and dining district themed to Venice's canals, at the Macau Venetian.

Retail Destinations
Themed / Branded Retail
Macau, China
RTKL for the Las Vegas Sands
Schematic Design
Design Development
Services performed in cooperation with RTKL Associates
US$2.0 Billion (Overall development)
1 million square feet 93,000 square meters
Key Team**
RTKL Associates: David Schmitz, Young Yi, David Gester
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