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Mixed Use Entertainment Destination.

Integrating old and new

Working within a city center's historical fabric, preserving and enhancing downtowns, infusing new life into downtowns, sensitively adding modern office and hotels, as well as significant retail, required detailed planning and design. The Jerde Partnership sought to design Indianapolis' Circle Center to achieve these lofty goals. Unafraid to create a historical architectectural language, Jerde created a dazzling Victorianesque shopping, office, and hotel destination that gingerly integrated into the downtown environment, preserving architectural history and creating a new destination to explore, in any weather. As a Junior Designer, Kevin contributed to the development of the project, supporting the massive project through ink-on-mylar drawings and model building.

Circle Center

Creating unique mixed-use destinations that seamlessly blend old and new, integrate new functions that create 24-hour destinations programmed to prosper, is what Jerde does so well. Kevin cut his teeth on this, his first mixed-use project.

Retail Destinations
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Simon Properties
Schematic Design
Design Development
Work performed by team member(s) during employment with Jerde Partnership
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Stan Hathaway, Brian Honda, Phil Kim, Annie Katata, Kim Green
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